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Comprehensive PCI security solutions, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and security awareness training to help you understand and prepare for PCI Compliance.
PCI Compliance Consulting
Managed Security
Secure Cloud Infrastructure
PCI SECURITY Solutions that mitigate the potential high costs that will result from a data breach of a non PCI compliant environment.

Helping Businesses Meet Their PCI Security Responsibilities

InDefense provides expertise and services that help businesses implement and navigate PCI compliance through training, risk management, and policy development.
Any industry that is seeking to achieve PCI Compliance or acquire data breach insurance would be required to meet stringent, on-going data security standards.

Take the Guesswork Out of PCI Compliance. We Can Help.

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InDefense was born from the experience gained from a victim’s perspective of a real-world data breach.
We know first-hand the importance and impact that our services provide to our customers.

Achieve & Maintain PCI Compliance

Ensure that you achieve and maintain all of  your regulatory compliance needs with an ongoing proactive approach to managing your organization’s security best practices and PCI compliance standards.

Security is an Ongoing Process

One of the most common misconceptions about data security is that security only takes one measure, one device, or even one layer of protection to “catch all” threats before they reach your network or desktops.

Fully Managed By The Experts.

InDefense Security’s suite of products and services are a fully managed, enterprise class collection of security defenses that help you avoid viruses, backup failures, and wasted time on emails you should have never received.

Total IT Peace of Mind

Leverage our expertise with a managed security essentials solution that protects your critical business data, promotes higher productivity with your employees, as well as ensures that all your regulatory compliance needs are met.


Don't Risk Your Business By Being Unprotected.

Let Us Customize a Security Solution That Works For You.
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