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Disaster Recovery And Cloud Backup

Secure Your Mission Critical Data In The Cloud.

Is Your Data Safe & Secured
if Disaster Strikes?

Disasters Happen. Prepare and Protect your organization’s data and business continuity against failure with a Disaster Recovery & Backup Strategy that is designed to automatically mirror your onsite backups to an offsite location every day.

Secured & Encrypted

PCI-DSS and HIPPA Compliant network environments as well as strong local and remote encryption protects your data from unauthorized access and compromise.

  • AES 256-bit Source Side Encryption
  • SSL Encryption on Transit
  • Server-side Encryption

Flexible & Scalable

InDefense Disaster Recovery & Backup can scale with your organization’s changing demands and doesn’t lock you into a single destination in the cloud, locally or any network location.

  • Muli-Destination Backup Locations
  • Scale Backups Jobs Based On Your Needs
  • Online Access to Backup stores

Fast & Efficient

Utilize bandwidth and network throttling to efficiently allow your backups to run without compromising the speed of business processing and other misison critical applications that you depend on.

  • Bandwidth / Network Throttling
  • Select Only the Files You Want to Backup
  • Lightning Fast System Restores

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Seamless, Secure Backup Solutions for Windows Server Environments

InDefense Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup is a seamless and secure backup solution for your Windows Server Environment(s). Grainular control of files and folders to backup, you can customize backup stores from simply files and folders to complete system state and bare metal recovery. Perfect for SQL Servers and MS Exchange mailstore Backups.

Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup gives you control over the assurance of business continuity when disaster strikes. Don't Risk Your Business being unprepared.


Built with the utmost in security in mind, our Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup services are designed to automatically mirror your onsite backups to an offsite location every day. This means that no matter what happens to your office, your data is safe and recoverable quickly. Don’t miss a single moment of business opportunity with this solution. Now that’s being prepared!

  • Flexible, On-Demand Scalabilityscales with the changing demands of your business. Only use what you need, when you need it.
  • Multi-Destination, Multi-LocationYou’re not locked to one backup destination. You can backup and keep backup sets in the cloud, locally or on any network location.
  • Access Anywhere, AnytimeOnline access to your backups from anywhere, anytime. Access share, restore files from anywhere with a powerful web interface.
  • Scheduled & Real Time Backups Set up a schedule or enable continuous backup process. Backups can be ran on-demand as well.
  • Email NotificationsTrack each run of your backup and restore points.
  • File CompressionReduce backup size with localized compression.
  • Purge OptionsSpecify custom retention policies for backup sets and more.
  • Bandwidth ThrottlingLimit backup traffic utilization and resource consumption on your network.
  • Block Level BackupsBackup only the changed parts of your files.

Don't Risk Your Business By Being Unprotected.

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