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Gain Immediate Insight Into Your Overall Security Posture

Our Cyber Risk Assessment Report Is a 6-8 page Executive Summary that provides an overview of the devices on the network along with a network Risk Score and analysis of each potential issue we uncover. We will review this document with you, discuss the findings, in detail, and answer any questions you may have.

Security Risks

Old user accounts, Internal system vulnerabilities, open ports, external issues and more.


Servers, workstations, printers and non-AD devices. Other older devices that are still joined that pose a risk


Finds needed Patch / Service Pack and Security Update. Weak insecure passwords and anti-virus / firewall misconfiguration.
Cyber Risk Assessment Report from InDefense can uncover hidden vulnerabilities that are a risk to the security of your business.


Inconsistencies in Security Policies and inbound / outbound network access. Lack of content filtering both inbound and outbound.


Misconfigured user accounts and network shares. Detailed breakdown of your AD Security Group membership.

Nothing to Install

No software to install or agents living on your network.  Average scan takes just 30-40 minutes for the job to complete.

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Fully Understand Your Data Security Posture


Achieve & Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Ensure that you achieve and maintain all of your regulatory compliance needs with an ongoing proactive approach to managing your organization’s security best practices and security compliance standards.

Fully Managed By The Experts

Our Security Services and Safeguards are a fully managed, enterprise class suite of security defenses that help you avoid downtime, viruses, backup failures, and wasted time on emails you should have never received.

Security is an On-Going Process

One of the most common misconceptions about data security is that security only takes one measure, one device, or even one layer of protection to “catch all” threats before they reach your network or desktops.

Total IT Peace of Mind

Leverage our expertise with a managed security solution that protects your critical business data, promotes higher productivity with your employees, as well as ensures that all your regulatory compliance needs are met.

Don't Risk Your Business By Being Unprotected!

Partner with INDEFENSE to discover hidden vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your network that could cost you your business. Get your questions quickly answered about our products and services. We’re here to help.

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