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White Knuckle Ride for Cyber Security: Top 2017 Predictions

White Knuckle Ride for Cyber Security: Top 2017 Predictions

2016 was one for the record books in Cyber Security with numerous reported breaches, new emerging threats and vulnerabilities and the rise of nation-state sponsored cyber-criminal activity. We’re surely in for a wild ride on the cyber security front for 2017. And retail businesses, large or small, still remain prime targets for cyber-criminal activity.

Stolen payment card information is still a very lucrative business. However, many merchants still are “in the dark” when it comes to navigating their cyber security initiatives as well as their crucial PCI Compliance obligations and mandates in protecting customer credit card data.

As outlined by the security experts at WatchGuard in the infographic below, 2017 is surely shaping up to be a “wild-fire” year for businesses of any type or size.

Time to Prepare for the Storm

The worst thing any retail business can do is to bury their head in the sand and bear the consequences if a breach or compromise occurs. This approach is costly and is sometimes, ultimately devastating to business. As the old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. The same can be said for protecting your business against existing and emerging cyber threats, as well as finally addressing your PCI Compliance obligations.

Addressing your PCI Compliance obligations and Cyber Security initiatives head on is far less expensive in the long run than one might think or even believe. When you factor in the rising costs of fines and penalties from card brands. The expense of breach remediation/response efforts. And the impact of the grave loss of business. The best return on investment is achieved by the upfront investment of a proactive approach.

Our PCI Complete Solution is a turn-key PCI Compliance Consulting and preparedness program that assesses your current PCI Compliance readiness. It builds a comprehensive pathway with complete PCI reporting assistance. We will help manage your required vulnerability scanning/penetration testing and PCI risk reporting for a fraction of the cost of having to pay for everything up-front.

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